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Now, everyone in New Orleans can enjoy a healthy, smoke-free workplace - including bartenders, casino employees, and musicians.

Numerous communities across the country have become epicenters of conversations about the benefits of smoke-free workplaces, but none are quite like New Orleans, Louisiana. Known for its intriguing intersection of culture, music, and indulgence, New Orleans presented an interesting challenge in the positioning and propagation of public health messaging.

We were tasked with developing messaging and creative that highlighted the voices of musicians, casino employees, and bartenders to make the case for providing smoke-free protections for all workers in New Orleans.


Successful municipal policy efforts hinge on one of two things—visible grassroots support and a political champion. The efforts to make New Orleans smoke-free benefited from both, but the most important factor was the unwavering support of Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell. Champions like Councilwoman Cantrell are one-of-a-kind, but identifying a strong champion can significantly boost the likelihood of success.


We developed a likely supporter profile based on work performed for similar efforts in other communities to target digital messaging with very specific calls-to-action throughout the campaign. The goal was to move supporters through a series of activities—ranging from liking the campaign Facebook page to contacting the city council—that would keep them engaged and connected for the duration of the campaign cycle.

Services we provided:

Communications strategy
Graphic design
Media planning and placement
Print production
Creative content development
Social media management

There is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Hospitality industry employees, particularly bartenders, servers, and musicians, working in smoke-filled environments are at greater risk of suffering from heart disease or lung cancer.

Comprehensive smoke-free protections are the only proven method of protecting employees and patrons from the health effects caused by secondhand smoke.