Get to know FCG from Why to C’s.

Our story began in 2011. We started small like many of our clients. Two people in two offices helping a handful of clients connect with their core audience and cut through all of the noise that makes it difficult to truly connect with people in meaningful ways.

We’ve grown a bit since those early days, but we still value the close relationships we have with all of our clients. We are a Black-owned, full service marketing agency that works primarily with non-profit organizations, government agencies and small businesses.

Every day, our team crafts solutions that help mission-based organizations create positive and sustainable change in the communities they serve. We are honored and humbled to be a part of work that is transforming communities across the country.

Angela Davis


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Ella Baker


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Fred Hampton


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James Baldwin illustration


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Nina Simone


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Stokley Carmichael


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How We Want You to “C” Us

Compassionate like Angela Davis. Curious like Ella Baker. Courageous like Fred Hampton. Communicators like James Baldwin. Creative like Nina Simone. Clever like Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture).

That’s how we want you to see us. Actually, it’s more than that. That’s how we want you to experience us, whether you’re a client working with us on a project or a community member benefitting from the possibilities we create together.

We believe that, as individuals and as a team, we must be excellent communicators who consistently demonstrate these five essential characteristics: creativity, curiosity, cleverness, compassion, and courage.

Communication is the core of our business, so we are conscious about being clear and consistent when we communicate with others. We seek first to listen and understand out of respect for one another, our clients, and the communities we serve with them.

We choose to be creative–even when it’s challenging. We look at each new problem through a clean lens, relying on what we have learned from past experience but never duplicating or recycling old ideas.

We are considerate and compassionate creatives. The bottom line is we care about much more than the bottom line. We care about our colleagues and the communities where we work, which is why we invest time and resources to reduce inequality and advance policies that promote the welfare and well-being of everyone we’re connected to.

We are constantly seeking out new ideas and identifying new skills to add to our toolboxes. Our curiosity drives us to learn as much as we can about emerging ideas in our industry and what is happening in our clients’ industries, so we ask questions, turn over rocks, and shake trees.

We’re possibility creators by nature, and we find new ways to apply what we know to our work every day. But our cleverness doesn’t come innately but through an intense focus on sharpening our craft by challenging our assumptions and investing in professional development at every stage in our career.

We are courageous. We’re not afraid to say “no” or “yes” or “I don’t know.” We push back on each others’ ideas and challenge our own assumptions to make sure we’re producing the biggest and best ideas possible for our team and for our clients. We also have the courage to always do what’s right—even when doing the right thing is the more difficult path.

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