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Community Foundation for Mississippi

We’re helping Mississippians imagine new ways to facilitate transformative change in their communities.

The Community Foundation for Mississippi has been helping Mississippians invest in facilitating significant and sustainable change in their communities for more than two decades. That experience has helped people identify the best ways to support the causes they care about and leave a lasting legacy in their community.

We started working with the Community Foundation to understand how their stakeholders would respond to a corporate name change (the organization was formerly the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson). After hearing from donors, partners, and nonprofits, we created the new brand, which included helping the Community Foundation change the way they talked about their work to encompass their expanded scope and service area.


The word “community” can mean so many different things to people, so it’s important to clearly define the community you’re serving and how people are connected to that community. The Community Foundation had been known for serving three counties, so the expansion to additional counties had to be communicated in a way that didn’t make current stakeholders feel like their community was being abandoned while making new stakeholders feel connected to something new. Getting board buy-in and using strategic relationships to build trust is critical to making an expansion plan like this one work.


We took a fairly safe brand and gave it energy and movement through a simple leaf. The curve in the leave has become a signature element of the website, annual report, and other printed collateral, which has made the pieces more interesting while giving all of the content a flow that keeps the eyes moving. We have also used very unconventional sizes and die-cuts to make printed pieces stand out and more engaging.


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