FCG Book Club!

We read. A lot. You should too.

Every other Thursday, we have FCG Book Club!, an opportunity to explore new ideas, stretch our creative boundaries, and discuss ways to change the world. You can read along with us or pick up a few of the titles from our library to add to your collection. We’ve included links from some of our favorite Black bookstores for you to grab anything you’re interested in.

The Black Experience In Design Book

As a graphic designer by trade, it was always amazing to me how all of the artists we learned about in school were white or a man. From da Vinci to Warhol to Paul Rand. No one ever looked like me or thought about their community in the way that I do. I thought it would be a great team experience to learn about the Black experience in design from different identities and practices. We should all remember that there is not art without Black people.

Anetra Yearwood
on why she chose to submit this book for book club

FCG Book Club! Library

Our Core Texts

We don’t have a syllabus or anything, but there are books that we prioritize reading because we believe they help ground us in how to do our work excellently and with meaning.

Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block

The Art of Client Service by Robert Solomon